Why we created blends?

We looked at our every day and thought about what is it that we need not just to survive, but thrive. We need a healthy and robust immunity, so we never get sick. We need more energy and better focus to succeed in whatever it is we are doing. We need a protein-rich diet to build a stronger body continually and for recovery.

So why isn’t there something out there that can help me get all these benefits while being all-natural and nutritious as well?

That’s the genesis of LVL and our BLENDS range. Functional BLENDS packed with the best plant-based ingredients to get us through every day, at our very best.



Carefully curated and developed by our food scientists. Each sachet is designed to bring out the best in you every day.


Power-packed with nutrition from plants. 100% natural. No artificial flavourings, stabilizers, etc. Only the good stuff.


Consume anytime, anywhere. In between workouts, meetings or travels. Just pour, shake, drink.