5 Tips To Make Your Mornings More Productive

Do you find it easy to wake up as soon as your alarm goes off? Or do you have the habit of hitting the snooze button? If you hit the snooze button but you want to change that, you’re at the right place because you’re mornings are going to become more productive than ever.

Work-from-home is probably going to be the reality of the future. It may sound good but you have to know that you’re now the boss of your routine! That’s why having the morning mood is so important now more than ever. 

The way you start the day affects the rest of your waking hours, so it’s worth an extra bit of effort. Remember that small improvements in your daily routine can massively improve the way you start your day and make them more productive.

Here are 5 tips to help you start your mornings right:

1. Act in short bursts

You probably already know that planning and preparing the night before will give you a head start tomorrow. Problem is, by the end of the day you barely have any energy to eat dinner, let alone put your mind to work thinking about what has to be done tomorrow. What you don’t realise though, is how much can be done in just a small amount of time.

In the few minutes it takes you to heat up some food, you can organize the work you did today. In the few minutes it takes for your bedtime tea to cool, you can prepare for the next day. The key is to think and act in short bursts. As you develop this habit, the faster and more instinctive it becomes. 

Trust us, this will help you improve your focus and performance and make you more productive even when you work from home. It’s no secret that organizing your things will improve your mental clarity and now your body can harmonize and wake up when you want to!

2. Prepare a quick and easy meal before a brand new day

Forget all those fancy meal prep posts on your feed – the best kind is one that meets your needs in a sustainable fashion. Now that many of us work from home, it’s the perfect opportunity to prepare meals and improve our health!

If the thought of preparing so many meals a day makes you less likely to cook, simply set aside a couple of hours during the weekend to have your food sorted for the week. The point is to make your mornings smoother by having a few things out of the way in the most efficient manner possible.

Try to visualize your meals 2 days at a time! It is essential that you have proper nutrition and well-spaced meals to fall asleep better at night so you can wake up feeling refreshed. This way, you can take your mind of meal planning in the morning and hence you’ll become more productive.

3. Wake up to your favourite song

On the day itself, give the snooze button a rest by setting your favorite upbeat song as your alarm tone. 

The positive memories you associate with the tune will wire your brain to think happy thoughts as you prepare for the day. Cycle through different songs every two to three weeks to keep things interesting!

4. Take five minutes to quieten your mind in the morning

Ground yourself with a bit of peace and quiet in the midst of the daily grind. Do this as soon as you wake up instead of checking your phone. Once you feel the positive vibes run through your body, you’ll automatically jump out of the bed with a big smile on your face!

You can even do this while you have your morning coffee or tea, or even while you shower. You’ll find yourself refreshed and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

5. Run through your to-do list

As you walk to your train stop or wait for the bus, run through your priorities for the day in your mind. If you’re working from home, do this before you start your work – it is totally worth it.

When you end the day with your priorities sorted, you’ll be more motivated and energised to prepare for the coming days!

Remember that small tweaks make for big improvements when done well and consistently. As you level up your morning habits, you’ll come up with your own hacks using your own tools.

Perhaps you’ll find useful apps or trade tips with a friend. Or maybe you’ll come across easy-to-make breakfast recipes or energising food products to add to your staples. 

For instance, superfoods like moringa powder and baobab powder are easy to add to dishes and drinks. They’re full of vitamins and minerals that boost your energy and immunity not just in the morning but all throughout the day. Think of them as your breakfast go-to ― an easy, effortless way to get you in the habit of loading up on nutrients first thing in the morning.

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As there is no one size fits all when it comes to morning habits, you can develop yours by experimenting. Only you know your body best, so try out different methods to find the one that works best for you! Let’s LVL UP your game and get more productive!

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