6 Tips To Ease The Transition To Veganism

Are you planning to go vegan or have you already started the journey to transition into veganism? What matters is that you have taken the first step, and that’s amazing!

Firstly, what’s great about a veganism?

A vegan diet is healthy for our bodies and our earth. University of Texas’s MD Anderson Cancer Center lists the benefits of a vegan diet as follows:

– Boosts the immune system

– Reduces inflammation

– Maintain a healthy diet

– Increases fibre in the diet

– Lowers risk of cancer and other diseases

University of Oxford’s research shows that going on a plant-based diet is the single most important pathway to reduce our harmful impact on the planet.

This sums up the case for veganism! Just like how some tips could help you better handle an assignment at work or even choose the right furniture for your house, there are tips to make your transition into veganism easy as well. Let’s dive right in!

6 easy must-know tips to go vegan:

1. Slow and steady wins the race

In this case, it’s not a race. But slow and steady is the key!

Remember that your ultimate goal should be to achieve good physical and mental health. Hence, you should transition into veganism slowly and allow time for your body to adapt and accept the change. 

Everybody is made to be unique and it takes different amounts of time to adjust to a diet. So, don’t compare yourself with anyone else! It’s your personal journey and you should enjoy the little things in the process.

#nxtLVLtips: If you’re just starting out, try to have one vegan meal a day first or try to replace one ingredient at a time – whatever is your pace. This will reduce the chances of your cravings and mood swings.

2. Take time to read and learn

Veganism has been around since 1944, which arose as a result of extreme vegetarianism. However, you’ll be surprised to know that only 1.16 % of the world’s population are vegan!

Did you know? Some items seem to have no traces of non-vegan content but yet they do. Examples like marshmallows, some apple juice, honey and some alcohol are not vegan!

#nxtLVLtips: Build up your knowledge day by day! Learn up the names of these mysterious ingredients and look out for them in the ingredient labels! (Some such as whey, casein, gelatin, beeswax, confectioner’s glaze, vitamin D3, lard are ingredients that make the food non-vegan!) Knowledge on nutrition and knowing how to apply them can greatly help you.

3. Be creative and adventurous

You will definitely find it easier to sustain a vegan diet if you are willing to be adventurous. Not only will you find easy substitutes for non-vegan products, but you will also create new and easy recipes which you’ll fall in love with. 

Tempeh, kimchi and millets are some of the things no one should miss trying out. The possibilities and options are endless! Don’t hesitate to try and explore new substitutes and vegan recipes from all cuisines.

Maybe you’ll be the one to find new and exciting substitutes for eggs and meat! 🙂

#nxtLVLtips: Try out new vegetarian options from a variety of cuisines like Indian and Middle-Eastern. They already have a wide range of healthy, nutritious and time-standing recipes which will blow your mind. 

4. Do your meal planning

Once you become an expert after a while, you won’t have to think about this as much. But in the beginning, it’s essential. 

When you’re trying out something new, there is a chance that you will have cravings and the urge to switch back. But, hold on!

#nxtLVLtips: To avoid this, have a diary where you write out what you are going to eat that day. Planning your meals in advance could help you stay on track and make things easier for you. It could look something like this:

Here’s a vegan meal planning template you can download and use!:

5. Find a community and ask for help

If you’re unsure about an ingredient, bored of eating the same food, or are experiencing some symptoms with your body, don’t give up just yet.

Find communities where you can find people like you and the experts who are happy to share their experiences and advice.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone on this journey! Coming together with a group of people who are going through the same thing will motivate you and make you stronger! You will also gain more inspiration when you learn about each other’s journey.

#nxtLVLtips: Reach out to thousands of Facebook or Reddit groups or join a vegan community like Abillionveg! In this way, you can help your fellow people and learn new things as well!

Some vegan communities you can join: 





6) Visit vegan-friendly grocery stores 

Visiting stores which sell sustainable and vegan certified products will help you have an idea of what’s out there and give you a chance to feel inspired. You’ll see that there’s a vegan-friendly substitute for everything. Also, you can ask away your questions to the people who work at the store!

#nxtLVLtip: Head to these stores in SG: The Green Collective (you can find our products there!), Scoop Wholefoods, Little Farms or shop online at Everyday Vegan Grocer

Keep in mind that having a balanced vegan diet will get you the nutrients your body needs. Be it protein or vitamins – come out of the bubble that you can’t get enough of it. Take examples of high performing icons like Novak Djokovic and Ariana Grande or even your healthy vegan neighbour. You’ll be kidding yourself if you thought they could do what they do without proper nutrition.

It’s about finding out the right food groups and having a balanced diet. It’s also about finding new products in the market which are targeted especially for the vegan community!

#nxtLVLtip: Try out our Plant Protein+ which has 21 grams of protein in a 40 grams serving. It has added ingredients such as cocoa, ashwagandha, maca and turmeric apart from protein to give you an overall nutritional boost!

Be proud of your journey and never give up. It’s okay to stumble for that’s what makes us stand up even stronger!

Looking for some easy recipes to start with? 

Here are the links to some of our healthy, vegan recipes which can be made within 5 minutes! Have them for your breakfast, an afternoon pick-me-up, a dessert or as an anytime snack which will do you wonders:


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