Introducing the game changer to improve your lifestyle – Superfood Drink Mixes!

We know the feeling, you wake up Monday morning, refreshed, rejuvenated, the weeks planned out packed with work, workouts, and social engagements. Wednesday comes, we start to feel burnt out, muscles arent recovering, our mind begins to fatigue, and we begin to feel unwell. Does that sound familiar?

Here’s why we created these great products, giving us the tools we need to be the best version of us we can be. Getting you to the next level – #nxtLVLu.

Introducing, the game-changer to improve your lifestyle – our superfood drink mixes are created with you in mind, a product that is Functional, Convenient, and Nutritious. Comes in 3 different functions in sachet form to take anywhere with you.

Read on to learn how you can join us on our journey to drink better and live healthier!

*Our products are 100% vegan-friendly, plant-based and gluten-free

Plant Protein+

Our Plant Protein+ is packed with maca root for energy, turmeric for anti-inflammation and ashwagandha for its anti-cancer properties. The combination of pea, rice and maca also provides a complete amino acid profile for all vegans out there! On top of all these nutritious ingredients, it’s also flavoured with dark cocoa powder. Perfect for gym-goers as your pre/post-workout shake, or only as a meal replacement to keep you on track with your diet. (Only 150 calories!) For the lactose-intolerant customers, fret not as it’s free from dairy too.

Each serving of Plant Protein+ delivers 21g of raw pea and rice protein.

Natural Immunity+

Our Natural Immunity+ is filled with superfoods such as orange, baobab, Camu Camu, ginger and turmeric to nourish and strengthen your body’s immunity. Frequent travellers, this is especially for you. A convenient yet wholesome and natural fix for your body. Just consume one serving a day and it will not only fulfil your daily Vitamin C intake, but also improve your digestion and help fight inflammation. You can also look forward to the citrus spice that gives it that extra zest!

Each serving of Natural Immunity+ delivers 42mg of natural Vitamin C

Raw Focus+

Our Raw Focus+ contains nutritious ingredients such as matcha, moringa and brahmi, helping you to sustain energy and focus on your task. Regardless if you’re working or working out, getting yourself in the zone is certainly the key to optimal performance. Try our blend of naturally occurring caffeine, antioxidants and adaptogens, which will fuel your mind and body.
Entrepreneurs or the desk-bound office workers, this is going to be your lifesaver. The sweet matcha flavour is so rich and delicious, that we even got some of our coffee-lover friends to convert!

Each serving of Raw Focus+ contains 85mg of clean caffeine


POUR your sachet and a drink of your choice into a shaker bottle.
SHAKE, shake, shake.
DRINK and LVL up!


Good news! Our superfood drink mixes are currently available on our online store. Even better news – we have recently introduced our subscription plan, just so that you won’t run out of them

It’s always a good time to LVL up your life.

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