Superfoods vs Supplements

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Whether you are a gym goer who hits the gym every day or a wellness seeker whose main goal is to improve your quality of nutrition, you would have come across supplements much more often than superfoods.

Supplements have been marketed in such a beautiful way that each one of us are made to believe that it’s impossible to live without them. But wait, is it even true? Is there a natural way you can get all the nutrients you deserve? Yes there is – and we’ll prove it to you.

What are supplements?

Health or dietary supplements refer to a diverse group of products commonly consumed for the purpose of supplementing the diet and enhancing health. These products typically contain ingredients that are not meant to prevent, treat, cure or alleviate the symptoms of medical diseases or conditions.

They come in different forms- capsules, soft gels, tablets and powders. Examples include vitamins, minerals (e.g magnesium, calcium) and herbal supplements (eg. guarana)  (source).

Why do people take supplements?

To fulfill vitamin and mineral requirements or boost their intake which doesn’t seem to be fully possible just through diet, people take supplements. 

(Don’t worry, natural superfoods can help you!)

But, why do you need vitamins and minerals? 

Vitamins and minerals perform innumerable functions in the body. 

Did you know? Your body produces skin, muscles and bones. It needs to channel pathways for distribution of nutrients and oxygen. It also needs to formulate chemical messengers to maintain order and for issuing instructions. 

And as you know, all final products need raw materials and so does our body. These raw materials are the vitamins and minerals, which the body cannot manufacture on its own in sufficient quantities. That’s the reason why we need to consume vitamins and minerals externally through our diet.

Why is there a controversy regarding supplements?

Supplements are convenient, they give you a large dose at once, easy to consume and a lot more. If there were only good things said about supplements, then there would be no controversy. 

So, here’re some things you should know:

– Most supplements have side effects

– Some can lead to higher risk of blood loss before surgery, interacting with regular medicines you take. Eg. antioxidant supplements with vit C and E can reduce effects of cancer chemotherapy.

– Overdose of supplements can have severe side effects- eg. too much Vit A can cause liver damage and headache, reduce bone strength and cause birth defects.

You might not find such jarring disclaimers in your supplement bottles, so don’t assume that it’s good for you. (source)

Make the switch to plant-based superfoods and eliminate side effects.

Superfoods are foods with high nutrient density. Get the vitamins and nutrients you need by consuming superfoods.

There are so many plant-based superfoods out there and you may already know a few – such as turmeric, chia seeds and matcha. But, there are many you might not have discovered.

#1 Those such as moringa and baobab have a truck load of vit C

#2 chia seeds pack omega-3

#3 matcha, cacao and turmeric contain loads of antioxidants

#4 maca has a good amount of calcium and vitamin B3.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in our superfoods: (Like, seriously!)

1. Our superfood powders are 100% organic, vegan-friendly and non-GMO. They contain no lab made chemicals or preservatives. 

2. Match your nutrient needs with superfoods. For example:

Vit C: Baobab, Moringa

Vit B: Maca, Cacao

3. Superfood powders are super. They don’t go around claiming that they will cure chronic diseases and make you a superstar, like supplements do. They do it silently!

4. Less risk of overdose.

5. You can use them effortlessly by adding them to your everyday meal. So, come out of the thinking that only supplements are easy to take in.

If you’re going to ask us who won the battle of supplements vs superfoods, we’d say the all-natural superfoods.

Grab yours today!

Our superfood powders are 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO!

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