Top 5 Benefits of Pea Protein

Protein is essential for our bodies to grow, repair and build. Some people consume animal meat for protein, and some take their daily proteins from plants. If you’re embarking on a plant-based diet, let us introduce you to one of the most common plant proteins consumed, pea protein. 

What is pea protein?

It is derived and extracted from yellow and green split peas in the powder form. Research shows that pea protein is less allergic, more easily available and has a high nutritional value. 

When combined with other natural ingredients and flavours, it has a great texture and taste.

What are the benefits of pea protein and why is it better than other protein powders?

1) High protein content

Its protein content is what makes it the real deal. A study has revealed that pea protein has one of the highest contents of protein amongst brown rice, egg, oats, wheat and lupin.

It contains all 9 essential amino acids, which need to be present for protein building and synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. It also helps in building strength and muscle. These essential amino acids cannot be produced by your body and hence need to be taken through your diet.

However, the same study also showed that pea protein is low in one amino acid – methionine. 

That’s why we added brown rice protein, which is high in methionine content to our Plant Protein+. This gives a balanced profile of amino acids to our superfood drink mix so that you can get all the essential amino acids.

2) Rich source of iron

Pea protein is a great source of iron. It provides around 30-50% of the RDA* for iron.

The % RDA of iron for vegetarians and vegans is 1.8 times higher than meat eaters. This is because non-heme iron (plant-based iron) is less easily absorbed by the body compared to heme iron (animal-derived). However, plant-based iron has a lesser chance of causing health concerns due to excess iron build-up than animal-based iron.

So, add pea protein into your diet to increase your iron levels the healthier way! 

*RDA: Recommended Dietary Allowance

3) Low in carbohydrates

Pea protein is not high in complex carbohydrates as opposed to its cousins in the legume family. This makes pea protein a low-carb protein source, making it an ideal option for those who want to build muscles without that extra weight gain.

For instance, LVL’s Plant Protein+ has only 11.8 g of carbohydrates for 40g of serving. 

Remember, you should not aim for a zero-carb diet by consuming only products with no carbs as you do need sufficient carbohydrates for a good workout and daily sustenance! 

4) Multi-diet friendly

A nutritional analysis of pea protein revealed that unlike many other protein powders, it is not derived from any of the 8 most common allergenic foods which include milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, shellfish, and wheat. 

This makes it naturally vegan-friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free! So, you can practically be following any diet and enjoy the benefits of pea protein!

The only thing that will stop you from taking pea protein is an allergy or sensitivity to peas itself.

5) Naturally free from cholesterol and saturated fat

Do you know that not all fats are bad for health? In fact, some fats are highly needed for foods, vitamins and minerals that take the fat absorption pathway for digestion such as fat soluble vitamins.

The bad guys are saturated and trans fat! They drive up the cholesterol levels in the body and cause numerous health complications.

Now that you know about good and bad fats, where does pea protein stand? Pea protein has almost no trace of saturated or trans fat!

If you’re still not convinced, here are more reasons to switch to team pea protein:

1. It’s environmental-friendly

2. Its fibre content keeps you full

3. Pea protein is one of the most easily digested plant-based protein.

4. It’s easy to use – add it to your smoothies or even bake with it!

Why LVL Plant Protein+ ?

1) It’s a mix of protein derived from 2 high protein-rich sources ― peas and brown rice that help balance each other in terms of their amino acid profile.

2) It has a rich cocoa flavour. The cocoa powder is high in antioxidants and has immunity boosting properties.

3) Superfoods like maca, turmeric and ashwagandha are present for added benefits. So, apart from improving your protein intake, you can also enjoy these benefits:

Maca boosts immunity, improves energy and increases endurance

Turmeric boosts immunity, protects against inflammation and improves energy

Ashwagandha provides stress relief & mental clarity and improves energy

All of them support your exercise routine and lifestyle so that you can be fit and healthy!

4) It is very convenient for use – all you need to do is pour, shake and drink to reap the benefits! And it’s so easy to carry it in your gym bag.

5) It is certified vegan, gluten-free and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. 

LVL pea protein


If you have any thoughts about pea protein or questions about our product, feel free to email us and we’d be happy to answer any questions!

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