Our superfoods are 100% natural, promising the highest quality of ingredients for you. We source from certified organic farms, so as to minimise the nasties going into your gut and to maximise your daily dose of nutrition.


We know you’re rushing out that door every morning. You don’t want to waste time queueing up for that morning pick-me-up that doesn’t do your health any good, or spend absurd amounts of money on health concoctions that you don’t even know the ingredients of. By giving you an alternative to sugar-filled coffee runs and trendy health bars chock-full of chemicals, we want to help you find a balance between getting that grind in and feeling your best too.


We thought about the common man (you) who is always on the go, and what he might need most. No surprise, it’s a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet.

We then worked with a food scientist to determine what exactly is lacking in an average diet, and set off to get the best organic superfoods we could think of.

Picked straight from the high plateaus of South America to he deciduous forests of Madagascar, we look for the best ingredients to put into our products, making sure whatever you’re getting is the most natural and of the highest quality.

Naturally dried and blended into easy-to-use powders

Packaged in eco-friendly containers to reduce our impact on the earth that we rely on for the nutrition we need.

Mix into water, milk, oats, or anything your heart so desires.

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