After years of working together at our family business in the global food industry, we learned how powerful food can be in nourishing our body, mind and spirit, and that mother nature provides everything we need to conquer the day.

With so much to explore and achieve, it isn’t always easy to make healthier choices.

That’s why we created a better way to LVL up our game, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Three functional, natural and effortless superfood drink mixes.

Our recipes pack a powerhouse of plant-based nutrients in every sachet. Each sachet provides you with the micro-nutrients that your body needs. At LVL, we want to empower you to meet your wellness goals.

Today we invite you on our journey – let’s shake things up together.

Our Founders


Avinash began incorporating more plant-based ingredients in his diet after being inspired by his fitness-obsessed mum since young. He greatly benefitted in strength, focus and functionality at the gym and his daily life.


Rohit went through a transformation himself. By combining fitness and nutrition, his weight gradually decreased from 120kg down to 69kg, while maintaining his strength. This is why he truly believes in the power of nutrition which he wants to share with the world.

They both practice what they preach and believe that you are what you eat.

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