Our Story


With so much to explore and achieve, it isn’t always easy to make healthier choices

That’s why we created a product that’s functional, natural and effortless.

Through our products, our aim is to make getting healthier simpler.

So we can live healthier and better, with a lot less effort.

Our Founders


Having been fitness-obsessed all his life, he had a secret ingredient that always helped him achieve his goals – his health nut of a mother. Growing up with a mom that still religiously hits the gym six times a week and has a strict diet to supplement that made it easier to adopt a healthy lifestyle and find the added motivation for the gym and maintaining a nutritious diet. He felt grateful and that he should help everyone do the same.


Being an overweight socialite was great in his late teens and early 20’s, only to find that hindering his ability to reach his full potential in sports. Determined to make the football and squash team in college, he developed a one-track mind to making that possible at all cost. Starting with a peak weight of 120kg’s at the age of 18, and fast forward 12 years later, he is now at 69kg, playing football, joining marathons, and participating in regular fitness challenges. Having gone through the transformation himself, he truly believes in the power of nutrition and wants to share it with the world. And by the way, he made those college teams!